About Us

We are the only agency in the Northwest of England who solely list premium properties.  We provide a full private client service, sourcing and selling homes through bespoke marketing and a personalised service.  Our ethos is ‘our clients deserve the premium touch‘ and we are proud to be different and offer unique services to our buyers and sellers.

We'll Find You The Perfect Space

We’re still under construction here Ladies and Gents… 

We Work With Your Budget

We also work with fabulous financial advisors and two mortgage brokers who cover whole of the market products and we trust implicitly to look after our premium clients.  

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List Your Property Risk Free

Our integrity and clients trust  in our highly qualified team is of paramount importance to us.  We go above and beyond for our buyers and sellers, who appreciate the personal touch and reassurance they gain through working with us.  

Our Story

This is really a tale best told over a nice glass of wine in our Private Client Suite in Caldy, Wirral, but in brief; we wanted to offer something unique to the property sector.

There was no question when we set out that our focus would be quality over quantity and our approach incredibly personal.

When your selling a premium property, we believe sellers and buyers both deserve a premium service.  We echo the US real estate approach, we do so with no desire to be anything but niche, and a passion for perfection.  Of course, nothing is perfect in this sector, but we love a challenge, and wont settle for anything less than being different to the rest and our clients deserve nothing less.

Now then, if you do still fancy that glass of wine, please get in touch with our Private Client Team via:

Email: sales@premiumlistings.co.uk

Business What’s App: 07822 012 109